Monday, March 21, 2011

And so we begin..

Greetings fellow readers, comrades, cadres and compatriots:

As the initial post of my newest blog commences let me first of all take a brief moment to thank you for taking time out to visit “Thoughts on my beloved nation, South Africa” while I should at the same time extending an apology to you for the content of this post being more introductory than analytical. Despite the present shortfall I promise to get the next post published soon and hope that you will return to my blog in the future too.

With that said I would also like to appeal to you to leave comments on this and future posts if you are so inclined. My main aspiration in launching this new blog besides the obvious reasons has been providing you with an environment that not only permits but earnestly encourages robust discourse and commenting on all posts!

For those of you that are interested in commenting I would like to make an earnest appeal that you abide by “blog commenting etiquette” which has become a tacit norm and serves to ensure that we accord each other the necessary mutual respect.

Sometimes we must agree to disagree, and move on.

Another contentious item is the verity that there will be occasions in future where my posts will undoubtedly touch on issues of race, gender, sexual orientation and a range of other delicate matters that often agitate sentiments and passions in many of us. To allow for proper discourse it is vital that we provide comments that utilise critical reasoning over hot-blooded and over emotional rebuttals that wreck discourse.

Take a walk, return and then comment.

Now we’ve set the “house rules” perhaps you would like to note any items of interest you might like us to start commenting on? I will be back later in the week.

Sarva Mangalam.

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